It is true that the virus inhaled to alveolus is so small that it is invisible.
But it also true that the exhaled charged virus exhaled during singing is also invisible.
Invisible events make changes on the visible world 

DATED: July 28 2020

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Viruses have a capacitance for static charge and some viruses have more capacitance than others. The human body has electrical capacitance for a static charge. Even normal Saline has ions and very small capacitance.

WMC Experiment

The experiment at WMC to demonstrate charged nebulization with static electricity. At WMC normal saline in a nebulizer was charged with static electricity. Human lungs have normal saline on the surface of alveolus and airways. The charged normal saline particles were repelled by the same charge in the picture of charged aerosol.  A virus has a much higher capacitance than the normal saline water particles. A virus exposed to the same static voltage would have a much higher charge and much more acceleration than the charged normal saline particles.


The particles that are exhaled from the alveolus are likely invisible with a diameter of 2 microns or less. Virus particles that are charged and exhaled from the alveolus are repelled by the same charge on the bronchial tree. Singing nebulizes the virus in the alveolus just like sound compressed air nebulizes the normal saline in the nebulizer cup. Much nebulized virus in a singer that is not charged will merely hit the uncharged walls of alveolus and airways and not be exhaled. Charging a singer can increase the exhalation many times perhaps hundreds or thousands of times the exhalation. A static charge on the nebulized virus in the alveolus and airways allows the nebulized virus to repel the bronchial wall and be exhaled. Static charging a singer with a virus in alveolus and airways allows the singer to exhale virus from airways and alveolus.


If the virus is exhaled from the statically charged singer it is no longer an antigenic stimulant to the singer’s immune system. Fatigue is a symptom of the stimulation of the immune system from antigens. Get the virus out so that it no longer stimulates the immune system and reduces fatigue. I have treated at least 3 patients with statically charged singing and all had their fatigue improved within 24 to 48 hours. It is a safe process that allows exhalation of viruses that reduces symptoms of fatigue. I have never claimed to save lives since God determines every man’s appointed time to die. Charged exhalation of the virus is a safe treatment for treatment of fatigue associated with SARS-CoV-2 in alveolus and airways.


Use a pressurized nebulizer creates noise. If the noise stops from nebulizer the nebulizing stops.  Furthermore, if a human is silent ie not speaking not snoring not singing that human is not nebulizing virus at that moment.


Sleep silently and do not snore if SARS-CoV-2 is on the tongue or it may be inhaled from the tongue. Charging virus to tens of thousands of Kilovolts will electrocute and kill most of the exhaled virus.

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Disclaimer: using static electricity may or may not harm electronic pacemaker defibrillators or electronic watches and other electronic devices. All electronic devices should be removed from the body before the static charges. A shock can occur during discharge that is painful. Those with seizures and cardiac electrical dysrhythmia should not use static electricity without a physician’s direction. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY MEDICAL ADVICE WITHOUT APPROVAL OF YOUR PHYSICIAN> NO commercial or professional medical use of the information is authorized and may be restricted by the approval of the patent rights.