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Snoring is likely the single greatest undocumented mechanism for transfer from tongue to alveolus.
There are two pathways for SARS to reach the alveolus.
First path is to inhale through nose or mouth directly into alveolus from air in front of the face.
The second path is to inhale off the tongue
during snoring.

If the citizen snores he can suck SARS-CoV-2 from his tongue into his alveolus.  The greater the obesity the greater the risk of snoring moving the SARS-CoV-2 from tongue to the Alveolus. 

No other website anywhere to my knowledge has suggested that snoring is likely a major method of transferring Sars-CoV-2 from tongue to the alveolus.  Obesity and advanced age are risk factors for severe Covid disease.  Both obesity and advanced age cause increased incidence of snoring which can transfer SARS-CoV2 from tongue to alveolus.  

Current Tips to prevent
Alveolar Covid Disease.

•  AVOID SNORING if exposed to SARS-CoV-2.

•  Sleep on your side and use CPAP.

•  Breathe fresh outdoor air.

•  Ionize and filter indoor air

•  Practice social distance of 6 feet .

•  Wear a face mask or face shield.

Force equals mass times acceleration

For a saliva droplet made of the density of water as the diameter drops to 1/10 the mass drops to 1/1000.  The electrostatic charge on droplet can stay the same because as the droplet dehydrates in the air the droplet is surrounded by air an insulator.  If the charge stays the same in the droplet as the water evaporates from the droplet the same charge is concentrated on a particle.  Where it really matters is when someone inhales a charged particle viron into the curved bronchial tree.  The larger particles hit the curved bronchial wall and the bronchial cilia can sweep it out of the trachea into the GI tract where immune system responds.  The small particles stay in center airflow and very few reach the alveolus.

If the person has an electrostatic charge allows exhalation of micron-sized invisible particle that can make it out the curved bronchial tree and be exhaled.  These superspreaders can spread invisible virions in at indoor arena like the Republican Convention.  But they will depend on ionization to stop aerosolized micron invisible spread.  Probably 20 percent of infected spread 80 percent of infections.  But charged air effects HEPA filters will remove much of the risk of transmissions of exhaled small particles.  Trump will not wear a mask and neither will any of the Republican speakers at the Republican convention. The republicans are going to depend on ionized air and skip the mask for the speakers. It will very likely work.

COVID-19 is never dangerous unless a COVID-19 alveolar pneumonia occurs.

• A COVID-19 alveolar pneumonia requires the COVID virion to reach the alveolus to replicate.
• A COVID -19 virion inhaled particles must usually be less than 2.5 microns to reach the alveolus.
• This small viron therefore is a problem in that it can easily enter the lungs because naked COVID-19 is only 0.125 Microns.
• By EPA definition an inhaled water particle containing COVID is air pollution.
Respiratory System And Alveoli.F02.2k

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Cleaner IONIZED air is better air especially when the air may contain SARS-Cov-2.

Explanation : I have a background in physics, medicine, two patent applications related to SARS-Cov-2 and past patent involving electrostatic purification of air. I recommend use of HEPA 13 filter as supplement to social distancing. The upcoming Republican convention will depend on the success of HEPA 13 technology to reduce transmission of SARS-Cov-2 to the alveolus of the audience. If SARS-Cov-2 alveolar infection does not occur, the COVID-19 illness is almost never fatal nor severe. Based on air pollution research all particles that reach the alveolus are less than 10 microns and usually invisible at 2 microns. Spit is mostly water that evaporates.  So the virus/water particle must be less than 10 microns to reach alveolus and is usually 2 microns or smaller.

A small virus particle surrounded by water may initially be far larger than 10 microns. However while suspended in air which is an insulator , the water can evaporate leaving a charged virus/water  particle  2 microns, 1 micron, or naked 0.125 micron SARS-COV-2 . Evaporation(weight reduction) has extreme effect on acceleration when charge  is constant. When a particle is suspended in air the water from droplet can evaporate leaving the same charge remaining on much smaller lighter particle. Instead of moving like a large balloon with static electricity, micron size charged particles move like very fast.

The weight of the virus/water droplet reduces as the cube root of the diameter. So a 2 micron virus droplet has about 1/125 the weight of a ten micron particle. With the same static charge, a 2-micron particle accelerates at 125 times the charge/weight ratio of a ten-micron particle. A 10-micron particle that evaporates to 1 micron can have 1000 times the acceleration of the 10-micron particle. Finally, a 0.125-micron particle naked virus can have over 500,000 times the acceleration of the 10-micron particle it originated from. Just remember how small an electron is that it moves at incredible speed with extreme charge to weight ratio. In layman's terms it means that static charges have huge impact on movement of micron-size and smaller particles containing SARS-CoV-19 that might reach the alveolus. Furthermore, charge of micron size particle can discharge creating heat ie potentially killing the virus that might reach the alveolus. The smaller the particle size the more extreme the charge/weight ratio and the acceleration of charged particle. All HEPA 13 filters use static charge to trap these small micron sized particles.  I doubt that HEPA 13 filter are in current court budget. But a simple HEPA 13 can be purchased for a less than a few hundred.

The Republican convention will likely depend primarily on HEPA 13 charged particle technology to prevent SARS-Cov-2 infections of alveolus (COVID -19 death and disease). Within 10 to 14 days after the Republican convention the effect of HEPA 13 on COVID-19 will become more obvious to the public . President Trump will claim HEPA 13 success as his own. We can have a discussion of COVID-19 alveolar pathology and effect of particle size and charge on the court record. What the court/laypeople want to know is how HEPA 13 will affect pneumonia/hospitalization/death rate which requires travel of micron sized water/virus particles to the alveolus.



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